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What is Auslan Teachers Association?

Auslan Teachers Association is a professional organisation forming an umbrella for its members who are Auslan Teachers or anyone who works using Auslan in all education settings (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary; Deaf schools and Integrated schools/Deaf Units/Facilities), community classes and families of deaf children via early intervention programs in their own homes. This is an organisation or association that has been formed with the sponsorship or support of MLTAV (Modern Languages Teachers' Assocation of Victoria). We would like to see that Auslan is recognised as part of the LOTE association, and can become equivalent to that of other LOTE teacher organisations. We as an association would meet on a regular basis as a professional body to encourage the teaching and learning of Auslan within the education system. We strive to gain knowledge of what is happening within this field, and to update periodically with new information in regards to Auslan Education.

Why is Auslan different to other languages?

It is a visual-spatial language, unlike a spoken language. It cannot be learned from a book, but rather through videos/DVDs. It is always best to learn it in class and through a Deaf person.

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