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The MLTAV will host 5 free webinars for teachers of languages this term (Term 4):

Tues 8 Nov 3.45 - 4.45pm Jaclyn Curnow
Multimodal Text Magic - Scratch

Webinar Description: Looking for a new, engaging way for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, that is free of charge? “Scratch” is a program that makes written and spoken texts engaging, as poems, comics, role plays and stories can be written, illustrated and feature sound effects. You can record your own sounds or import your own images or use the vast library of sounds and images. Scratch is a free online, programming language that fosters learners to become creators.  Access Scratch by going online Scratch is featured in the Department’s “The Digital Deck – eduSTAR.Many of the skills outlined in the Victorian Curriculum Languages’ Communicating and Understanding strands can be demonstrated using Scratch. Particularly the sub-strands, Socialising, Informing, Creating and Translating. When using Scratch, reluctance to learning fades, due to the excitement of working with this multimodal text.


About Jaclyn: Jaclyn Curnow has taught German in Melbourne for over a decade and a half, teaching students from Middle School to Senior School. Currently she is at Viewbank College teaching Middle School students. Her students enjoy using a range of digital resources which she embeds into the curriculum to engage and challenge them. As a long serving committee member of the AGTV and MLTAV, Jaclyn enjoys working with teams and being an advocate for Languages. Jaclyn has presented at regional, state and national conferences. She highly values conferences as they foster networking.

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Mon 21 Nov 3.45 - 4.45pm Catherine Spurritt - Providing Feedback 

Webinar Description: Video feedback provides an opportunity to provide richer and more detailed feedback to students of languages. Using a simple webcam, teachers can record comprehensive and specific feedback for individual students to allow them to improve their future learning. This session will act as a basic 'how to' tutorial and explore the benefits of a multi-modal approach when providing feedback to students. Please bring a laptop, iPad or smart phone to this session.

About Catherine: 
Catherine Spurritt is the Year 7 Coordinator and Senior French Teacher at Avila College. Previously, she was also Languages Curriculum Leader at the College. Catherine is passionate about empowering learners of a second language to notice the progress they are making in their learning, providing them with the language to talk about their capabilities and opportunities for critical self-reflection. She is currently undertaking a Masters of Educational Leadership ACU, with a particular focus on leading effective learning.

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Wed 23 Nov 3.45 - 4.45pm Jade Cleave - Creating interactive Presentations with Keynote

Webinar description: In Jade's presentation she will demonstrate to participants how the iPad application Keynote can be used to make interactive presentations to assist with student learning and engagement. Once she has demonstrated the capabilities of the app, she will assist participants in creating their own basic interactive Keynote presentation.

About Jade: Jade began studying Japanese as a secondary school student, anddeveloped a passion for the Japanese language and culture ever since. After graduating with First Class Honours in Japanese from Curtin University in 2011, she completed a Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education at Curtin University in 2014. At present Jade teaches Japanese and Humanities to Middle School students at Haileybury, where iPad use is a core element of every class. She has long been passionate about ICT from a personal and professional perspective, and is highly motivated to utilise technology in the classroom to enhance student learning and engagement.

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Thursday 8 December 3.45 - 4.45pm Brianna Winsor - My iJourney; Creating valuable learning experiences through integrating iPads into the learning workflow

Webinar description: Do your students currently have iPads (or tablets) for learning? Is your school considering it? Does it all feel a bit owerwhelming? It did for me too! But don't worry. I would like to share my story of how in under 1 year I managed to transform the way my students and I use iPads in the Japanese classroom to enhance learning. I will discuss how I continue to integrate the use of iPads into my lesson workslow and the effects it has had on my pedagogy and my students' learning including improved student engagement and outcomes, extending learning beyond the classroom, freeing up more time for interacting and supporting students in class, and even reducing my own workload and stress! Students at Brisbane SHS participate in a BYOD iPad program. For almost two years, I simply used the iPads as a "tack on" to my regular program, which included the standard things like paper notebooks, textbooks, worksheets, MP3s etc. The iPad was basically a tool for playing script game apps, vocab quizzes, internet research and word processing. I basically used it as a "reward" after the "real classwork" had been completed. It was not until the start of this year that I started to realise the endless potential these devices offer and started utilising them as an integral part of the learning process. Come along as I share my transformational practice that includes activities for:
- sharing resources and defferentiating learning;
- regular formative assessment and data collection;
- giving students timely, detailed and meaningful feedback;
- facilitating collaborative group work and online peer feedback;
- creating online learning communities;
- flipping the classroom; improving pronunciation;
- practising speaking, listening and digital note-taking;
- building meaningful relationships with students;
- practising language and creating digital content in an authentic context.

About Brianna: Brianna currently teaches grades 7 - 12 at Brisbane State High School, QLD. This year, Brianna is participating in "Towards Transformation", a professional learning program in which educators strive to achieve best practice by trialing, testing and reflecting on vaiours digital innovations to enhance and evolve the way students learn. 

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Thursday 15 December, 3.45 - 4.30pm - "Are you using Quizlet to its full potential?!" - presented by Rebecca Gregory

Presenter Bio

Rebecca Gregory is an Indonesian teacher and Language Department Head with a particular interest in using ICT in teaching. She holds a Master of Education focusing on Leadership and Blended Learning Environments and runs workshops for Language Teachers on using iPads and Mobile Devices in the classroom.

Workshop Description

This workshop is for teachers who are both new to Quizlet, and those who may have been using it for a while but are not up-to-date with all its features. I have been using Quizlet since 2008, I have created over 200 sets, I’m a Quizlet Ambassador and needless to say I’m a huge fan! It is more than just flashcards. The people at Quizlet are always adding new features and in this workshop I will demonstrate all of them as well as some unique ways that I use Quizlet in my classroom for speaking activities, personalised learning and teamwork.
Archived Recording - The link to access the archived recording of this webinar is: 


The webinars will be conducted using Adobe Connect.

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