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The MLTAV is delighted to continue its exciting Language Support Educators Program collaboration with the National Gallery of Victoria, throughout 2017!
The following programs have been developed by the National Gallery of Victoria in collaboration with the Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Victoria (MLTAV). Sincere thanks to MLTAV’s Language Support Educators for their critical voluntary support of, and contribution to, this collaboration (refer to p.6/7 if you may be interested in training to join our wonderful team of voluntary Language Support Educators).
Van Gogh and the Seasons, NGV International, Ground Level, Temporary Exhibitions
28 Apr 17 to 9 Jul 17 - Open 10am - 5pm daily
The seasons had profound meaning for Van Gogh: they represented the circle of life within nature – birth, bloom, maturity and death. For the artist, this ongoing cycle represented the greatness of nature and the existence of a higher force. Van Gogh repeatedly painted scenes that richly evoke the sensory pleasures or deprivations particular to each season – spring-time, with its blossoming orchards and flowering meadows; summer, with fields of ripe wheat shimmering under the hot sun; autumn, with bountiful harvests and solitary figures sowing seeds as dusk approaches; and winter, with peasants digging potatoes out of frozen fields, or sharing a meagre meal by candlelight.
The exhibited works depict places that were the setting for many defining moments in the artist’s tumultuous life – the Dutch region of Brabant, where Van Gogh was born in 1853 and lived for much of his early life; Arles, where the artist experienced his most defining period of creativity; Saint-Rémy de Provence, where he was treated for mental illness in the Saint-Paul-de-Mausole asylum; and Auvers-sur-Oise, where Van Gogh committed suicide in 1890.
Van Gogh and the Seasons features works lent by leading international museums, including the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam and the Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo which respectively hold the largest and second largest collections of works by Van Gogh in the world. Drawing extensively from Van Gogh’s letters and from research into his deep interest in literature and nature, Van Gogh and the Seasons explores the influences and themes that dominate much of this visionary artist’s work.

Student Programs
French connection
All levels
An introductory talk exploring the fascinating world and art practice of Van Gogh with particular emphasis on his connection with France, where he reached the height of his career. Twenty minutes of the talk will be presented by a Language Support Educator. They will focus on a Van Gogh work depicting one of the seasons to engage students in some simple French language activities appropriate to the level of the group.
Cost: $14 per student (60 mins followed by self-guided exhibition viewing)
Optional Language workshop
Inspired by themes in the exhibition, the workshop will include word games and an art activity designed to develop the students’ French speaking and listening skills. Language Support Educators will conduct part of the session in French language appropriate to the level of the group.
Cost : $8 per student (60 minutes)
A French language resource focusing on the exhibition will be available online.

NGV International Permanent Collection
Student Programs
Living Languages - language, culture and learning
Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Modern Greek , Spanish
All levels
Bring alive the history and culture associated with the students’ language of study in a Gallery tour including group analysis and discussion of related works of art from different times.
On request, twenty minutes of the session can be presented by a Language Support Educator in the relevant language. They will focus on a particular work in the collection to engage students in some simple language activities appropriate to the level of the group.
Cost: $8 per student (60 minutes)

Optional Language workshop
All levels
Inspired by works viewed and discussed in the Gallery, the workshop will include word games and an art activity designed to develop the students’ speaking and listening skills in their language of study. Language Support Educators will conduct part of the session in the relevant language appropriate to the level of the group.
Cost: $8 per student (60 minutes)
Language Support Educator Program Background
An exciting new collaboration between MLTAV and the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) was forged in 2015 with a significant increase in demand throughout 2016.
The Languages Support Educators (LSE) Program was developed to offer Languages classes an opportunity to enhance intercultural understanding through participating in an Exhibition introductory talk. These sessions were presented by an NGV Educator together with an MLTAV volunteer Language Support Educator, using target language with students for part of the talk.
The opportunity to deliver part of the talk in a diverse range of Languages was made possible by the overwhelmingly positive response from part-time / retired Languages teachers.
This program offered benefits to: MLTAV Volunteers, by enabling them to integrate a love of Art with a passion for Languages as well as keeping them active in their profession; NGV Educators, who were able to expand their offering of tailored programs; teachers and students of Languages who could experience a dynamic and informative introductory talk which included a target language component focusing on a special selected work in the exhibition.
Everyone who participated in the 2015 and 2016 program bookings were delighted with, and inspired by, the wonderful experience.
CALL NOW OPEN for Expressions of Interest for
NEW Language Support Educators
Given the demand for Language Support Educator (LSE) bookings throughout 2016, the MLTAV and NGV are pleased to put a call out for part-time / retired Languages Teachers who are interested in becoming part of this wonderful program as a Language Support Educator.

We are planning an LSE Training Session at the National Gallery of Victoria on Friday 31 March 2017 from 1.30pm - 5pm.
If you are interested in being trained as an LSE and being involved in this program throughout 2017, please complete an online expression of interest form via the following link:
Being involved in this program as an LSE, is a wonderful opportunity! If you are passionate about Languages Learning and Art (and a qualified Languages Methodology Teacher) who is either working part-time, retired, or training as a Languages teacher - we are very keen to hear from you!
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