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2019 Committee Members

Gabriella Bertolissi


Andrew Morabito

Heather Brown


Andrew Morabito


Catherine Spurritt

General Committee

  1. Jade Cleave
  2. Jaclyn Curnow
  3. Lili Cvetkovic
  4. Kylie Farmer
  5. Dolly Gerges
  6. Lauren Gould
  7. Angela Natoli
  8. Sean Pratt
  9. Elena Pirovano

Permanent Observer: John Tuckfield, Classical Association of Victoria

Single Language Associations Representatives

  • Chinese (CLTAV) Jixing Xu
  • Dutch (DLA) Maria Zijlstra
  • French (AFTV) Veronica Deren
  • German (AGTV) Brigitte Ankenbrand
  • Auslan (ATAV) Heulwen Sweet
  • Indonesian (VILTA) Astrid Dux
  • Italian (VATI) Ferdinando Colarossi
  • Macedonian (MTAV) Louise Talevska
  • Modern Greek (MGTAV) Anita Ladras
  • Japanese (JLTAV ) Nathan Lane 
  • Spanish (VATS) Carlos Franco

Office Manager and Publications Managing Editor
Kerry O'Connor

2019 Committee Meeting dates & venues
Please note that for all meetings throughout 2018 there is an arrival time of 5.15pm for a prompt start time of 5:30pm (refreshments will be served from 5.15pm). We aim to conclude all Committee meetings at 7:30pm 


First Committee Meeting        Tuesday 12 February, VSL Building, Thornbury - 5.30pm start time

Second Committee Meeting   Monday 18 March, VSL Building, Thornbury - 5.30pm start time

Third Committee Meeting       Monday 13 May, VSL Building, Thornbury - 5.30pm start time (includes satchel packing for the MLTAV 2018 Annual Conference - satchel packing will start at 4pm so you can arrive anytime from then)

Fourth Committee Meeting     Thursday 20 June, VSL Building, Thornbury - 5.30pm start time

Fifth Committee Meeting        Tuesday 13 August, VSL Building, Thornbury - 5.30pm start time

Sixth Committee Meeting       Monday 7 October, VSL Building, Thornbury - 5.30pm start time

Seventh Committee Meeting  Wednesday 13 November, Graduate House, Carlton - 5.30pm start time (immediately followed by an end-of-year Committee dinner)

Annual General Meeting         Tuesday 3 December, CO.AS.IT, Faraday Street, Carlton - 5.30pm start time 

Annual General Meeting Minutes

2009 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Presidents Report for the 2010 AGM

2010 Annual General Meeting Minutes

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