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The Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) 'Languages 2025: draft Plan for implementing the Victorian Government's Vision for Languages Education', released June 2012, is a very important planning document for the future of Languages Education in Victoria across all sectors i.e. in Catholic, Government and Independent schools. Background information about the Plan can be found in the first edition of Languages Victoria 2012, pages 18-21, as well as online:

The development of the MLTAV response to the draft Plan was:

  • compiled from work undertaken by MLTAV Committee members at the Committee meeting on 5 June 2012, and from work done by the MLTAV Executive in responding to the first draft of the Plan and through their involvement in the 'Roundtable' facilitated consultation organised by the DEECD for representatives of the MLTAV and Single Language Associations (SLAs) 27 June 2012;
  • informed by discussion at the 'Roundtable' facilitated consultation for members of the Victorian Government Ministerial Advisory Council for a Multilingual and Multicultural Victoria (MAC-M&MV) 9 July 2012, attended by Andrew Ferguson, MLTAV President;
  • informed by a survey of MLTAV members, the results of which were considered at the MLTAV Committee meeting on 30 July 2012. The survey comprised 16 draft response items for which the MLTAV seeks an indication of how strongly members would support the inclusion of each item in the MLTAV response. The MLTAV also sought comments from members.

The MLTAV wishes to thank all members who contributed to the development of the MLTAV response. We were very pleased to have a response rate of over 25%.