FREE 1-hour Webinar with Sarah Pavy on ' Strategies to Support & Manage Students with Special Needs' PDF Print E-mail
The Modern Language Teachers' Association of Victoria, Inc. (MLTAV) and the
Victorian School of Languages (VSL) are pleased to have collaborated to offer
Languages Teachers a FREE 1-hour webinar resource about supporting and
managing students with special needs in the Languages Classroom
(presenter, Sarah Pavy).

To listen to this webinar you will need to:

1. Ensure you have Version 10.1, or above, of Adobe Flash Playing installed on your computer / device.

 2. Listen to a recording of the webinar via the following link:

3. Once you have listened to the webinar, you will find a link (in the Chat Box) at the end of the recording, to a brief survey you need to complete in order for us to customise a certificate of participation for you for 1-hour of PL time. This certificate will be emailed to you so it is important that you include your correct and current email address in your survey responses. 

NOTE: you may have to have your computer / device volume set lower for the for the introduction and at the end and have it turned it up a little more for the duration of Sarah's speech. We were recording from two different locations so the volume does vary for both speakers.

Please also tell your colleagues about this resource as it is FREE to access and as an online webinar recording, flexible around busy schedules.