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Quality Languages Programs
MLTAV Audit Tool for Schools


1. Background and Purposes


In response to an increasing demand for assistance to review the quality of a school's Languages Program [Program] the MLTAV has developed an online Audit Tool.


The survey is designed to encourage reflection on the quality of the Program, by monitoring the ongoing improvement in Program implementation. Results of the survey will:

inform decisions regarding targeted assistance/improvement measures;

feed into any systemic/sector school improvement processes.


Through these measures, we hope to support teachers of Languages to engage in particular school leadership. The overall aim of the Audit Tool is to improve student learning experiences and outcomes through data collection and stimuli for reflecting on the quality of the Program.

2. Mechanism


a) A school contacts the MLTAV requesting access to the online Audit Tool ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

b) The survey is customised with the school's name and colours as specified, together with a closing date for the survey.

c) The school receives a URL link to the survey, which the school supplies to potential respondents, e.g. Languages teachers and teachers of other Learning Areas, students, school leadership and other members of the school community.

d) The survey comprises 13 standard questions (for details, see below) and will take 30-40 minutes to complete.

e) Quantitative and qualitative data is collected through the survey, which is supplied in raw form (Excel table) to the school within seven (7) working days after the closing date. MLTAV also offers the option of formatting the quantitative data in standard graphs at extra cost.

f) For MLTAV member schools, the cost of the above is $150, non-member schools $350 formatting of quantitative data an extra $50. Schools will be invoiced once data has been supplied (note that data will remain confidential, in that it will be de-identified by MLTAV).

3. Standards & Framework used in developing the Online Survey


a) Professional standards for accomplished teaching of languages and cultures 2005, Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations (AFMLTA) NOTE: mapping of these Standards against those of AITSL can be found at Language Learning Space http://www.lls.edu.au/teacherspace/professionallearning/250, under text link Aligning Standards.

Please note that the AFMLTA Standards are used as the primary reflection tool for all extended MLTAV Professional Learning for Languages teacher, in particular LanguagesHAT.

b) Framework for Effective Models in Schools, work undertaken by Professor Joseph Lo Bianco in 2010. Whilst some elements of the Framework are now outdated, the underlying organisational principles are very strong. The Framework recognises that a student's Language(s) learning experiences are multi-dimensional, comprising:

i. explicit teaching and scaffolding

ii. content-based/integrated instruction

iii. practical application.


In delivery of a Program, the principles within which the Framework values both the Language teacher (whether face-to-face in a school or through complementary providers and/or blended), and supporting resources, e.g. language assistants, the use of ICT, partnerships with local and international schools, cultural and professional associations, universities, business community members etc.


4. The Questions


The following is a sample question:


To what degree (on a five-point scale: very high very low) are students motivated to learn Languages in your school's Languages program [the Program], for example through:

a) their positive engagement in the Program;

b) their use of Languages in and beyond the school environment;

c) being made aware of the benefits of learning Languages;

d) being exposed to role models of users of languages?


Each question is similar in format to the above, followed by two mandatory free-text boxes, requesting:

a) Reason(s) for the respondent's rating, referring to particular aspect(s), e.g. c) - I am aware that students learn about the link between first and second Language literacy at Year 5 level;

b) The respondent's suggestions for Program improvement in relation to this question.


VERY IMPORTANT: Please note that the examples provided with each question are not checklists. In order to rate highly for a particular question, the school may be performing very well in just one of the suggested aspects of the area. The examples are provided, however, as stimuli for reflection on the quality of the Program.

Other questions include to what degree:

a) students preferences are taken into account (when appropriate) in designing and running the Program;

b) type(s) of Program have been well considered and planned;

c) assessment and reporting of student outcomes within the Program are well considered;

d) the school community is involved in the Program;

e) school leadership demonstrates that it values and respects the learning of Languages and Cultures;

f) the school retains quality teachers of languages;

g) the Program is well resourced.



If you are interested in using the MLTAV Audit Tool to assist with a review of the quality of your school's Languages Program [Program], please contact Kerry O'Connor, Office Manager, MLTAV - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / Ph: 0437 130 976