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And That’s A Wrap: MLTAV 2020 Virtual Conference

Reimagining Languages Education

The MLTAV Committee sincerely thanks the Virtual Conference Plenary Speakers, Presenters, Commercial Sponsors, and in particular, the Conference delegates for your participation in the suite of rich and diverse professional learning opportunities offered as part of the Virtual Program which ran throughout August.

The Virtual Conference has been a huge success with feedback received so far being extremely positive! The number of registered delegates, live participants as well as access to the available recordings, has been exceptional.

The organisation of a Virtual Conference was something MLTAV decided to do, knowing it would be a unique experience and require a significant amount of thought, planning, preparation and implementation in the background. This has been the case, however, the overall success of the Conference also relied heavily, not just on the organisation and technology, but also on the quality, diversity, value, practicality and relevance of the opportunities offered throughout. To this end, we are sincerely and wholeheartedly grateful to our Presenters for their willingness to give generously of their time, experience, expertise and collegial spirit in preparing for, and presenting, their session.

The Virtual Conference came at a perfect time as we know that now, more than ever, it is critical to stay connected and how important it is to continue to support each other, in particular, at a time when strength, support, knowledge, courage and collegiality are key.


It is not too late to register for the Virtual Conference to access the available recordings!

4 x Plenary Recordings
20 Seminar recordings 

To view the program, click here to go to the Virtual Conference Website 

This project is supported by the Victorian Government