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2017 Committee Members

Gabriella Bertolissi

Heather Brown


Andrew Ferguson


Catherine Spurritt

General Committee

  1. Jaclyn Curnow
  2. Dr. Terese De Fazio
  3. Maree Dellora
  4. Maria Dikaiou
  5. Kylie Farmer
  6. Angela Natoli
  7. Dr. Andrea Truckenbrodt
  8. Michiko Weinmann
  9. Debbie West

Permanent Observer: Jennifer Brown-Omichi (CEOM) 
Permanent Observer: John Tuckfield / Wendy Brooke (shared role from the Classical Association of Victoria)

Single Language Associations Representatives

  • AUSLAN (ATAV) Gwenda Thomas / Lisa Gunter
  • Dutch (DLA) Maria Zijlstra
  • French (AFTV) Andrew Morabito
  • German (AGTV) Brigitte Ankenbrand
  • Modern Greek (MGTAV) Chrisoula Stamopoulos
  • Indonesian (VILTA) Kasenya Grant / Rebecca Gregory 
  • Japanese (JLTAV ) Kathleen Duquemin / Nathan Lane (shared role)
  • Spanish (VATS) Carlos Franco
  • Turkish (TTAV) Omur Altunay / Ozlem Gokoglu (shared role)

Office Manager and Publications Managing Editor
Kerry O'Connor

2017 Committee Meeting dates & venues
Please note that for all meetings to be held at Graduate House Carlton throughout 2016 there is an arrival time of 5.30pm for a prompt start time of 5:45pm (refreshments will be served from 5.30pm). For all meetings to be held at the MLTAV Office in Thornbury, there is an arrival time of 5.15pm for a prompt 5.30pm start time (refreshments will be served from 5.15pm).  We aim to conclude all Committee meetings at 7:30pm 


First Committee Meeting        Wednesday 8 February, VSL Building, Thornbury - 5.30pm start time

Second Committee Meeting   Monday 20 March, Graduate House, Carlton - 5.30pm start time
(immediately followed by a Language Leaders Networking Dinner event)

Third Committee Meeting        Wednesday 26 April, VSL Building, Thornbury - 5.30pm start time

(include satchel packing for the MLTAV 2017 Annual Conference - satchel packing will start at 4pm so you can arrive anytime from then)

Fourth Committee Meeting      Monday 19 June, VSL Building, Thornbury - 5.30pm start time

Fifth Committee Meeting          Wednesday 16 August, Graduate House, Carlton - 5.15pm start time
(immediately followed by a Language Leaders Networking Dinner event)

Sixth Committee Meeting         Monday 16 October, VSL Building, Thornbury - 5.15pm start time

Seventh Committee Meeting    Wednesday 15 November, National Gallery of Victoria 5pm arrival for a 5.15pm start time. 
(immediately followed by a an end-of-year Committee dinner)

Annual General Meeting           Tuesday 5 December, Graduate House, Carlton - 5.30pm start time
(immediately followed by a Project Celebration Award Dinner)




The MLTAV Committee endorsed a move to a new model for a limited leadership commitment in the Presidency role of the organisation totaling 5 years, comprising President-Elect for one (1) year, automatically followed by three (3) years as President, followed automatically by one (1) year as Immediate Past-President, for the following reasons:


  • To ensure planned change / succession planning / formal mentoring for the position of President; both the President and Immediate Past-President will have a role in mentoring the President-Elect during her/his term of office (1 year);
  • A known, fixed term commitment was thought to be more enticing for potential Presidency candidates;
  • The three (3) year term as President is considered critical to building, maintaining and nurturing strategic partnership relationships / project implementation timeframes e.g. SPP Funding runs for a three (3) year period / implementing strategic plans and the current three (3) year budget projection model;
  • The change to (1) one Vice-President only, is to ensure the Executive remains a functional size.


The MLTAV Committee, therefore, proposes a Special Resolution at the 2016 AGM, to make the following changes to four pages in its current Rules, (for transparency and clarity, proposed changes are shown on affected pages - 15, 16, 18 & 19 - of MLTAV’s Rules, using track changes). Click below on each of these pages to view the Proposed Changes:

Page 15

Page 16

Page 18

Page 19

PROCESS TO CHANGE MLTAV RULES via Special Resolution at the Annual General Meeting

Members are invited to provide comments / feedback to the proposed Special Resolution detailed on pages 2-7 of this newsletter. Any comments / feedback MUST be emailed to the MLTAV Office,   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it prior to 21 November. All comments will be taken into consideration before a proposal to change the Rules is put to the vote at the AGM on 6 December.


It will be assumed [at the AGM] that all members in attendance are aware of the details of the proposed resolution and the intention of the MLTAV Committee to propose the resolution as a special resolution. This will ensure we can move immediately to a vote, rather than spend time on a lengthy discussion.

In conducting the vote for the Special Resolution at the AGM, the MLTAV Committee MUST ENSURE the following MLTAV Rules are adhered to:

Rule Number 35 (2) [General Meeting Quorum] states, ‘The quorum for a general meeting is the presence (physically, by proxy or as allowed under Rule 34) of twenty (20) of the members entitled to vote.’

Rule Number 38 [Special Resolution] within the MLTAV’s Rules states, ‘A special resolution is passed if not less than three quarters of the members voting at a general meeting (whether in person or by proxy) vote in favour of the resolution.’

In the event of this Special Resolution being successfully passed, the amended Rules do not come into effect until they are submitted to, and approved by, Consumer Affairs i.e. planned for 2018.




Annual General Meeting

2009 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Presidents Report for the 2010 AGM

2010 Annual General Meeting Minutes

pdf 2011 Annual General Meeting Minutes

2012 Annual General Meeting Minutes

2013 Annual General Meeting Minutes  

2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes