MLTAV Committee

The MLTAV is managed by a committee of volunteers

The committee includes: 

  • an executive team of up to 5 members
  • up to 10 additional committee members 
  • a nominee from each accredited Single Language Association (See list on Contact page)

Nominations are open for Executive and Committee positions for 2023.

Submit your nomination form online by Friday 25 November.

The 2023 Committee will be elected at the Annual General Meeting which will be held from 4:45 – 5:30pm on 2 December immediately following the MLTAV Conference.

2022 MLTAV Committee

Executive members
Andrew Morabito
Kylie Farmer
Jaclyn Curnow
Linton Roe
Yvette Slaughter
2022 Committee members
  • Lili Cvetkovic
  • Dolly Gerges
  • Lauren Gould
  • Megan McLaughlin
  • Elena Pirovano
  • Sean Pratt
  • Felix Siddell
  • Andrea Truckenbrodt
  • Michiko Weinmann
A number of single Language Associations are also represented at MLTAV Comittee meetings
Single Language Associations Representatives
  • Chinese (CLTAV) Jixing Xu
  • Dutch (DLA) Maria Zijlstra
  • French (AFTV) Tasha Brown
  • German (AGTV) Brigitte Ankenbrand
  • Indonesian (VILTA)
  • Italian (VATI) Ferdinando Colarossi
  • Macedonian (MTAV) Jovanka Smilevska
  • Modern Greek (MGTAV) Anita Ladas
  • Japanese (JLTAV) Nathan Lane
  • Spanish (VATS) Carlos Franco

MLTAV Member Services Manager

Deryn Mansell

Finance Manager

Cassandra Hilton

2022 Committee Meeting dates

  • Tuesday 8 February
  • Tuesday 22 March
  • Monday 9 May
  • Tuesday 30 August
  • Tuesday 18 October
  • Annual General Meeting: Friday 2 December