Modern Language Teachers' Association of Victoria

The literacy development in multilinguals and emergent multilingual speakers occurs in all the languages in their repertoires.

These two recorded webinars offer an overview of strategies available to Languages teachers to explore the linguistic repertoire of students and to leverage their plurilingual competence in additional language learning.

These webinars share research and practical ideas on how to support the linguistic and literacy development of multilinguals in the Languages class.

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This webinar focuses on strategies to explore the linguistic repertoire of students and make languages visible in the classroom and school community. It also shares a series of activities that leverage the linguistic and literacy experience of multilingual students to support their learning of the additional language.


This webinar  focuses on resources, foundational concepts and examples from teaching practice that position EAL students as competent language users and learners.

  • Are some of these strategies relevant to explore the linguistic repertoires of your students and to make languages visible in your Languages classes?
  • What strategies would support EAL and multilingual students in your specific context?
  • What ideas and practices would you like to discuss with your colleagues to enhance your teaching practice and student learning in your school?

Examples of strategies/tools in the webinars:

  • Multimodal linguistic biographies – Webinar 1 (slides 11-13)
  • Strategies for meaning making – Webinar 2 (slide 23)
  • Strategies for cross-linguistic transfer – Webinar 2 (slides 24-27)