MLTAV 2008 Annual Conference PDF Print E-mail
"International Year of Languages"
Hemisphere Centre - Friday, 9 May 2008
Please note that the following conference papers are made available in good faith. The MLTAV's liability policies with regard to accuracy of the information provided, advice contained in the resources and downloading of the files is published here. The resources are available for use by Languages professionals in a not-for-profit environment. Permission should, though, be sought from the author(s) for further distribution. Reproduction in any form for commercial use is not permitted.

Session 1 Speaker > Lia Tedesco - pdf Languages Education in Australia in 2008
Session 1 Keynote Speaker > Susan Pascoe - pdf International Year of Languages 2008
Session 1 Olympic Resources Launching - pdf Olympic Resources

2:1 Prof. Michael Clyne - Joy and Anxiety: a Linguist’s Cynical Analysis of Recent Languages-in-Education Debate
pdf A Linguist's Cynical Analysis Languages-in-Education

2:2 Sarjit Ladd & Lidia Faranda - Engaging Strategies for LOTE teachers
pdf Engaging Strategies

2:3 Angela Scarino - Using the Professional Standards
pdf Professional Standards; pdf Standards for Teachers

2:4 Kerry Franklin - A classroom based investigation has been completed with Year 9 students using ILTLP strategies
pdf Kerry's Indonesian Letter ; pdf Record of Progress ; pdf Handbook Entry ; pdf Group Work & Brainstorming ; pdf Student ID Card ; pdf Student ID Card Ver.2

2:5 Megan McLaughlin - SPP Project: LOTE in VELS 7–10

2:6 Dr. Judy Hajdu - SPP Assessment For, As and Of Learning
pdf Ways of learning vocab ; doc Ten Ways to Learn New Words

2:7 Dr. Olivia Clarke - Teaching and Learning Languages with The Learning Federation Digital Content: classroom experiences

2:8 Stuart Miller - Languages Online Gamemaker

3:1 Kylie Farmer & team - SPP Action Research Project: Interdisciplinary Learning in LOTE for Languages Teachers in Prep to Year 6
pdf SPP: Interdisciplinary

3:2 Anne Fisher - Teaching & Assessing the Intercultural Knowledge & Language Awareness Dimension of the LOTE in VELS
pdf IKLA Handouts ; doc Running Tally

3:3 Yvette Slaughter - Languages in the Education System: Moving Policy & Language Study Forward

3:4 Maree Dellora - Strategies for Teaching Intercultural Knowledge & Language Awareness
pdf Strategies for Intercultural

3:5 Adrienne Horrigan - Setting Tasks for Effective VCE Assessment
pdf Presentation Slides ; pdf Setting Tasks for Effective VCE Assessment

3:6 Jaclyn Curnow - eLearning Resources to engage Language Learners
pdf eLearning Resources

3:7 Stuart Miller - Languages Online Gamemaker

4:1 Dr. Andrew Blumbergs - Integrating Learning Areas: Shaping Europe - The Germanen in the Ancient World

4:2 Stuart Miller & Anne Fisher - Introduction to the LOTE Rubric Maker

4:3 Gabriella Bertolissi - The Detailed Study: Preparation for SACs & the Oral Examination
pdf Detailed Study

4:4 Chau Cong - Contextualised Learning for Improved Student Outcomes - Primary Years Program and Bilingual Program
pdf Bilingual and PYP handout

4:5 Maggie Catterall - ‘Good luck, fireworks and traditions’

5:1 Megan McLaughlin - SPP Project: Intercultural Language Learning

5:2 Maria Dikaiou - Preparing Students for VCE LOTE Examinations – Second Language
pdf Preparing Students

5:3 Dr Judy Hajdu with Linnea Donnelly & Naoko Nishikawa - SPP Assessment For, As & Of Learning
pdf Assessment Criteria ; pdf Final Parent Survey ; pdf Strategy Questionnaire ; pdf Unit 5 Assessment & Profiling ; pdf Grammar Checklist ; pdf SPP: Assessment - PPT

5:4 Lidia Faranda - Drama in the Classroom

5:5 Stewart Milner - Assessing and Reporting against the VELS in LOTE