Modern Language Teachers' Association of Victoria

Bilingual Schools Network

There are 13 Designated Bilingual Programs being offered through 12 Victorian government primary schools.
These schools provide face-to-face teaching in the target language to 100% of students for a minimum of 12.5 hours per week.
The unique professional learning needs of teachers in bilingual schools were supported through the MLTAV Bilingual Schools Network.  This Network was funded through the Department of Education and Training’s Strategic Partnerships Program from 2005 – 2021.

Click here to access a resource created for the network about research into the ways in which Bilingual Programs enhance literacy skills.

The benefits of learning another language are well-established, but in Australia it can be very difficult for monolingual English speakers to become fluent in another language. Bilingual education aims to overcome this.

Monash language education expert Marianne Turner explains how it all works in this article.

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